Virtual Office in Czech Republic

Virtual Office in Czech Republic

Updated on Thursday 02nd May 2019

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Virtual-Office-in-Czech-Republic.jpgA foreign investor can set up a business operation in Czech Republic by purchasing a virtual office package. This type of establishment is a temporary office that help foreigners establish their businesses, by offering a great flexibility in a business world which is constantly evolving. The virtual office provides the necessary equipment through which a business can carry various operations in Czech Republic. Our team of Czech attorneys can provide legal assistance for setting up a virtual office here. 

The uses of a Czech virtual office 

A virtual office is recommended to those who have just begun a business and who are interested in saving money related to the maintenance and the employment costs. At the same time, a virtual office provides the technical means through which entrepreneurs can establish business contacts with possible partners. Our Czech attorneys can offer assistance in choosing a business address in a well-known area of a city, and consultation on the most suitable services the virtual office should provide, chosen in accordance with the specifics of the business. 

What are the main facilities of a virtual office in Czech Republic?

Persons who want to buy a virtual office in Czech Republic can choose from a wide set of services. The main facilities are the following: 
  • • a business address, a phone number, and a virtual assistant;
  • • mail collection, dedicated fax services, secretary services, and a private local number;
  • • meeting rooms, equipped with modern means of communication; 
  • • toll-free number, business lounges and mail handling services on request.
According to the needs of the investor, the meeting room can be set up as a board room, suitable for meetings with potential clients and partners, training room or video conference room.  The virtual office is also recommended for businesses which carry most of their operations in the online environment. 

What are the benefits of a virtual office in Czech Republic?

Besides the low costs compared to a traditional office in Czech Republic, a virtual office is at your disposal in approximately 12 hours from your request in this sense. Also, if the client wants, he or she can receive the calls on the private number, under established and agreed conditions. Also, the allocated virtual assistant will take care of the secretary matters of your newly-formed company in Czech Republic. For a better understanding of how you can buy virtual office services in Czech Republic and the legal aspects in this sense, please feel free to address your inquiries to our Czech team of attorneys.

Why do I need a virtual office package in Czech Republic?

A notable business address in one of the main cities of Czech Republic for your professional image in front of partners and a virtual assistant are among the facilities linked to virtual office services offered for foreign investors looking to set up their operations in this country. More than that, such services are recommended for small and medium entrepreneurs who want to establish their operations in the Czech market.

Reasons to purchase a virtual office 

The business plans differ from one person to another, so do the necessities. Young or experienced entrepreneurs might be interested in placing their operations in Czech Republic without having to look for an office space to rent as the virtual office package can suit their needs. Virtual office services in the Czech Republic can be purchased by any kind of entrepreneur, whether at the beginning of the road, with an established budget for his/her business or by the ones who would like to discover the business direction before commencing any activities. It is important to know the elements and the features of a virtual office package and solicit detailed information from our Czech lawyers. The same team can provide legal advice for international businessmen who want to set up companies in the Czech Republic.

When do I receive my virtual office package?

Once you got in touch with our team and asked for virtual office services, all the needed arrangements are taken care of and in approximately one day you can purchase the package. If particular requests are mentioned, your virtual office package will be tailored to your needs, starting with the daily tasks and ending with business meetings with future partners and clients.

Do I receive a virtual assistant?

Yes, you should know that a virtual assistant is part of the virtual office packages, in charge of daily business activities related to your firm, among which, mail collecting and forwarding, phone answering, fax services, etc.

Other components part of virtual office packages

Having a physical address in the Czech Republic’s main cities is definitely important for foreign investors asking for virtual office services. This means that they can benefit from private business offices and prestigious business addresses, alongside:
  1. Printing, laminating, scanning as part of office services and tasks.
  2. Digital services comprising video conferences, cloud-based applications, digital storage and many more.
  3. The extra usage of meeting rooms can be provided on request.
  4. The digital technology enables local and international phone calls.
Looking for a business and a proper start in the Czech Republic? We recommend you talk to our Czech attorneys and find out all the legal aspects of how the business is done in this country. You can also ask for virtual office packages and about the fees for such services.

FAQ about virtual office packages in the Czech Republic

1. Do I receive a business address with a virtual office package?
Yes, virtual office packages come with a notable business address in the choen city you wish to establish your activities.
2. Is a virtual office package expensive?
No, there is no need to consider high prices for virtual office packages in the Czech Republic. These are at a fraction of costs compared to the traditional offices established for companies in the Czech Republic.
3. Who can purchase virtual office services in the Czech Republic?
Anyone looking for business in this country can solicit virtual office services. Those who do not want to set up a traditional office for their operations can ask information about the available virtual office services in the Czech Republic?
4. How much a virtual office package cost?
When deciding on buying virtual office services in the Czech Republic, you should address your inquiries to our team of Czech lawyers who can offer information about the fees solicited for such services.
5. Do I get a virtual assistant with a virtual office package?
Yes, a virtual assistant will take care of the daily responsibilities in your firm. Ask for complete information in this matter before buying virtual office services in the Czech Republic.
6. Can I receive a business address in Prague?
Yes, if you are interested in business in Prague, the domicile of your firm can be established in this particular city.
7. When do I get my virtual office package?
As soon as you requested such services, a virtual office package can be received in approximately 12 hours.
8. Do I receive a private number in Czech Republic?
Yes, your personal phone number is provided as soon as you solicit virtual office packages.
9. Do I have employment or maintenance costs?
No, there is no need to concern about such costs which are normally related to traditional business offices in the Czech Republic.
10. Can I receive consultation before buying virtual office services in the Czech Republic?
Yes, you can get in touch with our team of advisors and ask for complete information about the available virtual office packages in the Czech Republic.
Entrepreneurs who need further information on the services they can use when setting up a virtual office in Czech Republic can contact our Czech law firm for assistance.