Special Permits and Licenses for Czech Companies

Special Permits and Licenses for Czech Companies

Updated on Thursday 07th November 2019

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Special-Permits-and-Licenses-for-Czech-Companies.pngAll companies registered in Czech Republic have to obtain special permits and licenses, which will attest the right to perform various business activities under the rules and regulations imposed by the local authorities. These types of permits are issued by relevant authorities in accordance with the operations carried by the legal entity on the Czech territory. Our team of Czech lawyers can offer assistance for the incorporation of a new business in this country, as well as on the process which refers to the issuance of various permits and licenses

Obtain a business license in Czech Republic  

Business licenses and permits have to be obtained during the incorporation process of the company. Foreign businessmen are allowed to perform their operations on the local market under the same regulations applicable to local entrepreneurs.  Companies opened in the field of trading are required to obtain a business license by submitting an application at the Czech Trade Office. The institution will issue a license for specific business activities, as requested by the investor; our team of Czech attorneys can offer more details on this matter. 


Obtain construction permits in Czech Republic  

Entrepreneurs working in the construction sector can establish a company in Czech Republic, but it is important to know that the Czech legislation requires the completion of several steps, which involve the participation of numerous local institutions. The process begins with consultations from the Environmental Department; further on, the investor should obtain a clearance from the Hygienic Department. A similar clearance should also be issued by the provider of water and sewage services. The electricity provider must also provide a clearance, based on the project’s drawings. 
The businessman should receive a permit from the Road Management Agency, which will testify that the future building respects the local legislation when connecting with the local road system. 
The process of obtaining construction permits is comprised of many steps and those who are interested in finding out more details on the special business permits and licenses can address to our Czech law firm