Road Transportation Law in Czech Republic

Road Transportation Law in Czech Republic

Updated on Tuesday 21st June 2016

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Road-Transportation-Law-in-Czech-Republic.pngRoad transportation in Czech Republic is regulated by a set of laws, which are created to assure a high level of quality services, performed in accordance with the characteristics of the local market, but also in respect with international rules and standards. Our team of Czech lawyers can provide an in-depth presentation on the transport legislation applicable in Czech Republic, but also on the legal requirements for businessmen who want to establish a company related to the field of transport


Czech transportation - main characteristics

The Czech transportation system is very well developed. For example, the density of the railroad system is the highest in the European Union, accounting for 120 kilometres per 1,000 square kilometres of terrain. The transportation system in Czech Republic offers many options, represented by the following categories: 
road transportation - cars, buses, trams, trolleys;
air traffic;
boat traffic. 
Although Czech Republic provides most of the transportation means available in other countries, the locals are usually drawn by road transportation, which is the most preferred, due to its flexibility in terms of connectivity not only to various places within the country, but also with other European states. 
The transportation sector is regulated by the Ministry of Transport, which is the main body that is responsible for the applicable law in this domain; our team of Czech attorneys can offer more details on the main attributions of the institution. 


Czech legislation referring to road transport 

Persons traveling to Czech Republic should know that on the local roads, car drivers should always drive with the cars lights on, regardless of the time of the day or on the season. 
Drinking alcohol before driving is strictly prohibited and the usage of a mobile phone while driving is also restricted (however, it is allowed to speak on the mobile phone if the driver has a hands-free set). 
The drivers are also required to have relevant car documents, such as driver’s license, identity card and car insurance, when driving in Czech Republic
The speed limits imposed by the local law are the following: 
residential areas – 50 km/h;
areas outside municipalities and towns – 90 km/h;
motorways areas situated in towns and villages – 80 km/h;
motorways outside residential areas – 130 km/h.
Persons who are interested in receiving more details on the regulations referring to road transportation in Czech Republic can contact our Czech law firm for assistance.