Relocate to Czech Republic

Relocate to Czech Republic

Updated on Thursday 21st September 2017

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Relocate to Czech RepublicCitizens from the European Union and EEA countries can relocate to the Czech Republic and work within a Czech company. Before moving to the Czech Republic, foreign citizens must become familiar with the working conditions, the visa requirements and the business environment. Company relocation is also a possibility for the foreign investors who want to do business in the Czech Republic. Complete details about obtaining residence and working conditions can be given to you by our lawyers in the Czech Republic.  

Relocation services to the Czech Republic

Knowing more about the country you are going to move to is advisable, that is why our Czech attorneys will provide you with relevant information about the culture, legislation and business environment. They are here to guide you through every part of your relocation to the Czech Republic and offer you a wide range of relocation services. These include the following:

•    Obtaining a Czech residence and work permit if the situation calls for one;
•    Real estate due diligence procedures if you are interested in buying a property in the Czech Republic;
•    Obtaining a Czech driving license;
•    Setting up a bank account;
•    Registering with the healthcare system in the Czech Republic;
•    Business consulting services if you intend to purchase a company in the Czech Republic.

When relocating to the Czech Republic it is important to have a property title or a lease contract to prove to the local authorities that you have appropriate accommodation for your stay in the country. It is recommended to ask for the professional help of a Czech law firm if you are interested in buying a property in this country. Additionally, a health certificate and insurance may be required by the Czech authorities.

Company relocation to the Czech Republic

Transferring departments of a business and its employees to the Czech Republic is a rather simple process. The simplicity of doing business in the Czech Republic recommends this country for company relocation. The advantages of company relocation to the Czech Republic are:

•    Foreign investors are protected by specific legislation;
•   Obtaining credit for your business – the Czech economy is a strong one with low inflation and low interest loans;
•    Taxation system – many tax incentives are promoted by the local government in order to attract investors;
•  Trading across borders – your company can benefit from the European Union's single market and the trading policies of the Czech Republic.

If you need assistance in relocating to this country and information about the entire procedure, don`t hesitate to contact our law firm in Czech Republic.


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