Obtain Czech Citizenship

Obtain Czech Citizenship

Updated on Friday 11th January 2019

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Obtain-Czech-Citizenship.jpgWith complete assistance and legal advice, foreigners living in the Czech Republic can apply for citizenship. Our Czech lawyers specialized in citizenship applications are at your disposal throughout the entire process and can provide information about the applicable legislation in such cases. We also mention that our team of advisors can offer support for foreign investors who want to start a business in the Czech Republic and have an idea about the applicable legislation int his matter.

What are the main rules for obtaining Czech citizenship?

Applying for naturalization in Czech Republic is subject to several requirements, as stipulated by the Citizenship Law of the Czech Republic 2014. Among the conditions for obtaining the Czech citizenship we mention the following:
  • a citizen from a country outside EU must have a residence permit for at least 5 years in the Czech Republic;
  • a clear criminal record is mandatory when applying for naturalization;
  • a citizen needs to prove the Czech language skills with the help of an interview at the local authorities;
  • the current legislation allows multiple citizenships, therefore you can apply for naturalization in the Czech Republic.
The Ministry of Interior in the Czech Republic is in charge of the citizenship applications. In the case of persons who got married in the Czech Republic and if the change of status has not been registered yet, the marriage certificate needs to be presented as soon as it is translated and authenticated. Complete legal advice is offered by our Czech attorneys who can guide foreigners in obtaining citizenship.

The rights that come with the Czech citizenship

According to the above-mentioned law on citizenship, all foreigners who obtain the naturalization in the Czech Republic have the same rights as the Czech citizens. Moreover, citizenship is irrevocable, except the case in which the procedure of acquisition did not respect all the conditions. There is no difference in matters of rights between Czech citizens and the ones who obtained the naturalization after 5 years of living in the country. The application for the Czech citizenship is available for persons from EU countries who lived at least 3 years in the Czech Republic and for individuals from states outside EU who have residency for at least 5 years.

Citizenship by declaration

The acquisition of Czech citizenship can be made with the help of a declaration. This means that all conditions can be met if a citizen makes a declaration in this sense and proves he/she has a clear criminal history, knowledge about the Czech language and proof he/she lived in the country for at least 3 or 5 years.  Please feel free to talk to our lawyers in the Czech Republic and find out more about the legal aspects related to Czech citizenship. The same team can offer legal support for opening a business in this country.

What is dual nationality in Czech Republic?

The legislation in the Czech Republic regarding the acquisition of the citizenship states that foreigners can keep their current citizenship even if they apply for the Czech one. This is an important change in the legislation and it is applicable since 2014 when the laws on foreigners were modified.

Do I need to provide financial information?

Yes, the authorities in Czech Republic will have to make some verifications and see if all taxes are paid and if you do not receive public funds or benefits. You might need to provide some bank statements or other documents showing your financial status. Feel free to solicit legal advice in this matter and get in touch with our Czech lawyers.

Necessary documents for citizenship applications

The residence permit, the identification card, the birth certificate and the marriage certificate (if it is the case) are among the necessary documents which need to be prepared at the time of your citizenship application in the Czech Republic. The authorities can also ask for other documents too, but if you need help in this sense, we suggest you address to our team of advisors.

Citizenship by investments in the Czech Republic

An investment of CZK 75,000,000 or EUR 3 million in the Czech Republic grants the citizenship for foreign entrepreneurs in this country. Tangible or intangible assets like real estate properties or equipment are accepted alongside a business plan specifying the reasons for investments and the economic benefits to the country. It is good to know that the family members can qualify for citizenship by investment in the Czech Republic.
We kindly invite you to contact our Czech law firm and solicit more details about how to obtain the Czech citizenship.