Lawyers in Prague

Lawyers in Prague

Updated on Friday 10th April 2020

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Lawyers-in-Prague.jpgPrague is the capital city of Czech Republic and the most important city from an economic, political and cultural point of view. Thus, the investors interested in setting up their commercial operations in Czech Republic can find here the most relevant business opportunities. Prague receives on a yearly basis millions of tourists, being one of most attractive cities in Central Europe. At the same time, according to the data provided by the European Commission, Prague represents a top business destination, due to the fact that it has a stable and developed economy. Moreover, Prague has a high potential for economic growth and our team of lawyers in Czech Republic can provide more information on the legal requirements for setting up a company here. 

Invest in Czech Republic helped by our lawyers in Prague

With one of the most developed economies in Central and Eastern Europe, Prague sets out as one of the most attractive cities for investment opportunities. Foreign investors can benefit from a legal system encompassing the European Union’s (EU) regulations and they can choose from numerous legal entities
Foreign businessmen are allowed to establish a company with a full foreign ownership, but at the same time they can also set up an investment fund in Czech Republic with the professional help of our lawyers in Prague.
In this sense, we mention that the local legislation related to investment vehicles was modified in 2015, allowing the creation of new investment funds, following the regulations of the EU. At the same time, investors should know that the Czech Income Tax Act was also modified, establishing a new taxation regime for such vehicles, on which our team of lawyers in Prague can provide more details. 

Opening a company in Prague  

One of the main reasons for setting up a company in Prague, Czech Republic, is related to the fact that the city is the main provider for the country Gross Domestic Product (GDP). At the level of 2014, 24,6% of the Czech GDP was generated by the commercial and investment activities in Prague
Most of the investors in Prague, Czech Republic, prefer to establish a limited liability company, as a consequence of the advantages provided to the company’s shareholders, who are liable for the business’ liabilities only in respect to their share participation. 
Foreign businessmen are invited to address to our law firm in Prague, Czech Republic, for more details on the legal services available here, including those related to natural persons.
Natural persons can receive assistance on numerous legal aspects, related to the purchase of a property in Prague or other civil matters, for example, the marriage regulations imposed by the Czech authorities, or those referring to obtaining the Czech citizenship. Contact our lawyers in Prague for professional assistance.