Lawyers in Plzen

Lawyers in Plzen

Updated on Tuesday 14th February 2017

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Lawyers-in-Plzen.jpgOur lawyers in Plzen are specialized in a wide area of legal matters, concerning both natural persons and legal entities, local or foreign. Businessmen who want to establish a company in Plzen, Czech Republic, can receive legal assistance on the aspects related to the incorporation of a company and, at the same time, our lawyers can also provide tax advice. Foreigners are advised to study the legal environment applicable in this country, on which our team of lawyers in Czech Republic can assist with more details. 

Register a company in Czech Republic  

With an attractive economy, Czech Republic represents a stable and developed environment for business purposes. Investors who want to set up a company in Czech Republic will have to comply with a set of requirements and the registration process may seem complicated to a certain degree. Our team of attorneys in Plzen can detail the entire procedure and can help businessmen in choosing a legal entity, suitable to their needs. 
At the moment, Czech Republic provides the following types of business forms
limited liability company;
joint stock company;
general partnership;
limited partnership;
European company. 
Each legal entity provides a set of advantages and obligations in respect to its founders and our team of attorneys in Czech Republic can provide more information on the statutory documents of Czech companies, as well as on the costs related to each step of the incorporation. 

Register for taxation purposes in Plzen  

Foreigners performing taxable activities in Czech Republic – both natural persons and legal entities, are required to register for taxation here. Taxation of natural persons is performed in a different manner than in the case of business entities. 
Companies in Czech Republic are required to register for value added tax (VAT), as well for social security when employing foreign or Czech workforce
It is important to know that foreigners in Czech Republic can benefit from tax reductions and exemptions, if there is an applicable treaty for the avoidance of double taxation signed between the Czech authorities and those of the country where the person is a tax resident
We invite those interested in receiving more details on the above mentioned aspects – as well as on other legal matters, to contact our law firm in Czech Republic