Lawyers in Ostrava

Lawyers in Ostrava

Updated on Monday 20th February 2017

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Lawyers-in-Ostrava.pngOstrava is one of the largest cities in the Czech Republic and a top investment destination chosen by the investors who are interested in performing business activities in this country. Ostrava is characterized by a skilled workforce, with an emphasis on the employees with a technical degree. An important aspect related to the economy of Ostrava is that the city developed large industrial areas, which attracted numerous foreign direct investment projects. Our team of lawyers in Ostrava can offer more details on the investment legislation applicable here. 

Opening a business in Ostrava, Czech Republic  

The process of opening a business in a foreign country can become more complicated, especially when the investors are not familiar with the applicable legislation. However, Czech Republic is a member state of the European Union (EU), thus investors should expect a similar incorporation process, as most of the EU countries have to respect the same directives. Our team of attorneys in Ostrava can help with information on any aspect related to this matter. 

Obtaining special permits in Czech Republic  

Most of the businesses in Ostrava, Czech Republic, will require the issuance of special business permits and licenses. The regulation is applicable regardless of the legal entity under which the company is carrying its operations. 


Company liquidation in Ostrava  

Our team of lawyers in Czech Republic may assist businessmen with solid advice on the procedure of company liquidation. Regardless of the reason which determined closing down of the business, the management of the company will need to follow the regulations which stipulate the manner in which the procedure must be completed. 

Legal advice on employment in Ostrava, Czech Republic  

As mentioned above, Ostrava provides skilled workforce and employers who are searching qualified employees can address to this market. All companies operating in the Czech Republic are required to respect the regulations applicable under the employment legislation, which prescribes the rights and obligations of the parties. 
We invite those who need legal assistance to contact our law firm in Czech Republic for details on the legal services available in Ostrava