Land Registry in Czech Republic

Land Registry in Czech Republic

Updated on Monday 21st March 2016

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Land-Registry-in-Czech-Republic.jpgPersons interested in purchasing a property in Czech Republic are required to register the property at the Czech State Administration of Land Surveying and Cadastre. The registration process of a Czech property is comprised of several compulsory steps. The future owner can verify various details on the property he or she is interested in buying, which are available for public use; after the transfer of ownership has been completed, the owner will have to register the new ownership, as stipulated by the Czech legislation. Natural persons and foreign businessmen interested in the process of land registration in Czech Republic can receive legal assistance on this matter from our team of lawyers

Purchasing a property in Czech Republic 

Persons who want to purchase a property in Czech Republic are required to verify if the property presents any type of problems. This action can be performed at the local Land Registry which is required to provide such information. It is important to know that the problems of the property being sold have to be stated in the sale agreement; in order to avoid the purchase of a flawed property, it is highly recommended to perform due diligence procedures, on which our lawyers can provide their expertise. 
After the individual has agreed upon a certain property, it is recommended to certify the signatures of the ownership transfer documents, a procedure which is performed by a public notary; our Czech lawyers can offer legal assistance on this matter. 

Land registration in Czech Republic  

In order to register a property in Czech Republic, a person should apply (with a full set of documents) at the local Cadastral Office; the approval of the Cadastral Office can last, according to the Czech legislation, up to 60 days, but common practice shows that the procedure lasts approximately 20 days. 
Registering at the local Cadastre is done in the following situations: 
owner of material rights;
lease agreement;
tenancy contract. 
The registration can be performed on-line or it can be intermediated by postal services or by going personally to the local office. 
If you need further information on how to register a property in Czech Republic, please contact our team of Czech attorneys, who can provide you with assistance on this matter.