Divorce in Czech Republic

Divorce in Czech Republic

Updated on Monday 04th April 2016

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Divorce-in-Czech-Republic.jpgPersons interested in getting a divorce in Czech Republic have to comply with a set of rules and regulations, as prescribed by the local legislation. Provisions referring to a divorce in Czech Republic describe the legal procedures which have to be enforced in case of the division of assets, the custody of children and the alimony, set out by the court in accordance with the level of income of both parents and many other aspects. Individuals involved in a divorce procedure in Czech Republic can receive assistance from our team of Czech lawyers, who can also provide legal representation in front of the court. 


Obtaining a divorce in Czech Republic 

In order to obtain a divorce in Czech Republic, one of the spouses has to file a petition in this sense to a local Czech court. The grounds for establishing a divorce refer to a profound damage resulted during the marriage, in which the spouses are expected to never live together again. The couple filing for divorce has to make the proof of the fact that they have been married for at least a year and that the spouses have not lived together for at least half a year. 
As a general rule, there are two types of divorces in Czech Republic
no-fault divorces;
at-fault divorces. 
The no-fault divorce refers to the above mentioned conditions of a separation, as well as the fact that both of the spouses can file a joint divorce petition; at the same time, they can also agree on the division of assets and other marital aspects. Typically, such a divorce can last up to 3-5 months.
The at-fault divorce refers to a much complicated procedure, in which the spouses can’t agree upon the terms; our team of Czech lawyers can provide you with more details on this type of divorce procedure


Terms to establish during a divorce in Czech Republic 

During a divorce in Czech Republic, the spouses are required to pass through a set of legal actions referring to the following: 
the family name – the court will ask one of the partners if she (or he) is interested in receiving the former family name the person had before the marriage; this procedure can be completed within six months after the trial;
the division of assets ; 
the custody of minor children; 
the alimony paid by a spouse to the other spouse who has received the custody of the child (children).
If you need further information on the divorce procedure in Czech Republic, please contact our Czech attorneys, who can provide you with legal representation on this case. 


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    I want to receive legal representation on a divorce in Czech Republic, as my husband and I consider this is the best solution for our case. We both want this and will can settle very easily on divorce matters, such as the division of assets (we don't have children). Thank you.

    Hello, you can send us your request via e-mail and one of our lawyers will answer you as soon as possible. 

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