Czech Register of Commerce and Companies

Czech Register of Commerce and Companies

Updated on Sunday 26th January 2020

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Czech-Register-of-Commerce-and-Companies.jpgBusinessmen who want to open a company in Czech Republic should know that they have to comply with a set of rules and regulations established for the registration process. All companies with activities in Czech Republic have to be registered at the Register of Commerce and Companies (an institution referred to as the Trade Register or the Commercial Register), a statutory body which gathers information on the business set up here. At the same time, newly formed business are required to receive several documents (such as trading licenses), which are issued by the institution. Our team of Czech lawyers can provide foreign investors with assistance on the main activities of the Commercial Register

Registration at the Czech Commercial Register 

The registration process of a new company set up in Czech Republic begins at the Commercial Register, an institution which also issues trading certificates. Companies will receive this document and the founding partners will have to register a responsible person representing the business, and the stipulations of the law require that the person should be a Czech citizen or a foreigner owning a resident permit in Czech Republic; our team of Czech attorneys can offer more details on this subject. 

Information to be registered at the Commercial Register 

When incorporating a company at the Commercial Register, the founding members will have to subscribe the following information: 
  • name and surname;
  • current domicile;
  • a proof that the founders have no legal issues which could forbid them to undertake business activities;
  • the trading name of the company;
  • the business activity carried out though the company.

Once the company is incorporated, it is important to pay attention to the tax registration. One of our Czech lawyers can offer support for VAT registration in Czech Republic.


Legal entities in Czech Republic 

Another important aspect that can be registered at the Commercial Register refers to the legal entity under which the company will carry its activities. The Czech legislation prescribes the following legal entities: 
  • general commercial partnership;
  • limited partnership;
  • limited liability company;
  • joint stock company;
  • co-operative;
  • joint venture. 
Persons interested in receiving more details on the registration process of a Czech company can address to our law firm for legal advice. 


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