Czech Legislation for Foreign Investments

Czech Legislation for Foreign Investments

Updated on Tuesday 20th February 2018

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Czech-Legislation-for-Foreign-Investments.jpgThe Czech Republic is seen as a proper investment destination among EU countries and represents a starting point for business persons who want to benefit from the attractive environment. The legislation regarding the foreign direct investments (FDI) in Czech Republic is encouraging and offers ample opportunities in most representative industries. If you want to know the legal aspects of foreign investments, you may address your inquiries to our Czech lawyers.

FDI legislation in Czech Republic

Czech Republic ranks 27 out of 190 appealing countries for foreign direct investments, according to the World Bank’s Doing Business top for 2017. With a remarkable progress in the FDI sector, Czech Republic is sustained mostly by EU countries which have a major interest in placing their investments here. The Investment Incentive Act was created in complete agreement with the EU legislation on foreign investments. This set of law observes the tax structure and the incentives offered to foreigners willing to test the Czech market and properly place their investments. For example, there are corporation tax privileges for 10 years applicable to new companies in the Czech Republic. Additionally, the investments in Czech Republic are made considering the Companies Act, and foreign companies must respect the requirements of the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, the institution which is also in charge of licensing the businesses in this country. Moreover, one should know that the conditions for operating as foreigners in the Czech Republic are the same as for local companies.
Knowing the legislation of foreign investments in Czech Republic will help the entrepreneurs decide on the type of activities they want to implement and develop. Complete legal support in this direction can be offered by our attorneys in Czech Republic.

Reasons to invest in Czech Republic

Considering the appealing business environment and the permissive regulatory framework for investments in Czech Republic, a wide range of investors decide to operate in this country. Likewise, the reasons which stand at the base of making investments in the Czech Republic are the proper access to the European countries, a solid manufacturing sector, a stable and reliable economy, a suitable infrastructure, and favorable measures offered by the government to protect the FDIs in Czech Republic.
The foreign investment sector is open to any business person, but for complete information about the legislation in this sense, we invite you to contact our law firm in Czech Republic.


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