Czech Immigration Law

Czech Immigration Law

Updated on Tuesday 12th March 2019

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Czech-Immigration-Law.jpgAccording to the Czech Immigration Law, citizens from EU countries can reside in Czech Republic with no special visas or requirements, except the fact that they will have to inform the police about their intention to live in this country. On the other hand, citizens from countries outside the European Union will have to apply for a long-term visa and a residence permit. Our Czech lawyers specialized in visa applications can provide the needed legal assistance for foreigners wanting to apply for a Czech visa. All the legal requirements can be handled by our team of advisors.

When do I need a Czech visa?

A visa for Czech Republic is necessary for citizens looking for work, family reunification, studies, business or academic research, but not limited to these. In the case of persons looking for jobs in this country, a work permit and a residence permit are necessary. All the legal aspects involved in a visa application can be explained by our team of lawyers in Czech Republic.

The application procedure for a residence permit

The Czech Embassy approves only the documents which are translated in the Czech language. The identification documents are necessary at the time you want to apply for a residence permit in the Czech Republic. In matters of application, there are specific forms which need to be fulfilled, like the Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals found at the Czech Embassy. It is good to know that a legal representative is needed for minors, a case where our Czech attorneys can help by providing the needed support in terms of documents and residence permit application. When your application is accepted, the following facts are important:
  • the immigration office will contact the person and inform about the date the resident permit can be received;
  • the Czech Embassy will issue a visa for a stay of more than 90 days;
  • the next step is to provide the biometric data and pick up the residence permit;
  • the General Health Insurance Provider in the Czech Republic will be informed about your stay in this country.
Let us remind you that you can receive complete legal support from our team of attorneys in Czech Republic if you would like to apply for a Czech residence permit.

How can I obtain the work permit in Czech Republic?

First of all, it is good to know that foreigners are welcome in Czech Republic for work purposes, with the mention that the employer will have to prove that locals could not fit the job offers in the company. The work permit application consists of a series of documents like the identification card, a valid passport, proof of the address in the home country, a declaration of the employer looking to hire the foreign citizen, plus notarized copies of certified studies or qualifications. The notarized Czech translation is also needed, therefore, you should ask for support in this matter. The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs issues the necessary work permits if a valid employment visa is obtained in the first place. All the legal aspects related to the work permits in Czech Republic can be explained by our Czech attorneys at any time. 

How do I receive a permanent residence?

A permanent residence is normally obtained by citizens who already lived in the Czech Republic for at least 5 years, or 3 if Czech family members are involved. The permanent residence is issued under certain circumstances like proving enough funds to support the living, plus knowledge of the Czech language. Feel free to address your inquiries to our team of Czech lawyers and find out more about how you can obtain permanent residence in this country.

Information about Czech citizenship

According to the Czech Immigration Law, foreign citizens interested in obtaining citizenship in this country will have to prove they have permanent residence for at least 5 years. Besides this condition, a person needs to prove they have a family in this country, no criminal record, a job in the country and sufficient funds to support the living of them and the family members. Knowing the Czech language is also an important condition when applying for naturalization. It is important to know that a marriage with a Czech citizen cannot grant permanent residence or citizenship for the foreign citizen. Also, children will automatically receive citizenship if one of the parents is a Czech citizen.
We kindly invite you to get in touch with our Czech law firm and find out all the necessary information about the Czech Immigration Law and about the conditions for obtaining a work permit, a permanent residence or details about how to apply for Czech citizenship.