Czech Citizenship by Investment

Czech Citizenship by Investment

Updated on Tuesday 25th June 2019

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Czech Citizenship by Investment.jpgThe Czech Immigration Law suffered a series of modifications in recent years, the later ones referring to the ways in which a long-term visa can be issued for foreign investors. The Czech citizenship by investment addresses to a particular type of businessmen who want to live in the Czech Republic, make investments and obtain the citizenship. All the legal aspects of this programme can be explained by our Czech lawyers at any time.

What you need to know about the Czech citizenship by investment

The Czech citizenship by investment can be obtained under certain rules which are mentioned by Czech Immigration Law and particularly by Act No.326/1999. Here are the investment requirements a foreign entrepreneur needs to observe:
  • CZK 75,000,000 or EUR 2,850,000 represents the amount of investments a foreigner can make in the Czech Republic.
  • 60% of the investments can be made in cash and the rest of them in other assets.
  • A business plan with information about the future investments needs to be drafted to the Ministry of Interior.
  • At least 20 full-time jobs need to be created in the Czech Republic by the foreign investor.
The above-mentioned conditions will help foreigners obtain a long-term residence in the Czech Republic, with the possibility of obtaining the permanent settlement after living for at least 5 years in the country and the citizenship after 10 years. It is ideal to have the legal support of a team of lawyers in the Czech Republic and skip all the formalities in terms of documents and authorities. You are invited to address your inquiries to our team of advisors and find out more details about the Czech citizenship by investment.

How can I apply for a Czech investment visa?

First of all, a complete business plan is solicited, meaning that the investor will have to pay attention to the projects he or she wants to implement in the Czech Republic. Such a plan can comprise information about the source of funds, the activities to develop, projections, risk assessments, financial statements and many more. The business visa is needed for foreigners wanting to make investments in the Czech Republic, so both matters will be verified at the same time, mentioning that additional documents are needed for such a visa. Also, information about accommodation in the Czech Republic plus proof of the financial independence are needed and solicited. Let our Czech attorneys take care of all the legal aspects involved in the Czech citizenship by investment.

The Czech business investor visa

The Czech business investor visa is issued for foreigners making a minimum investment of EUR 100,000. This amount of money can be invested in a new firm or in an existing company in the Czech Republic. There are no residence requirements for obtaining the business investor visa, the permanent residence is granted after 5 years and the naturalization is obtained after 10 years of living in the Czech Republic. It is good to know that the business investor visa is normally issued in approximately 30 days from the day the application was made. All the legal requirements can be explained by our Czech attorneys, so feel free to get in touch with us.

The advantages of business visas in the Czech Republic

Being part of the European Union, the Czech Republic is open for business for any kind of entrepreneur, allowing them to make investments in any sector of interest and benefit from a series of advantages. Such a visa grants the opportunity of opening a company in the country or investing in an existing one, plus the possibility of obtaining the permanent residence available for 2 years and the option of renewing it. We remind that the Czech Republic is part of the Schengen Area, so investors with a business visa can move freely through this region. The Czech investment visa also comes with one of the world's top second passport programs, offering the possibility of travelling to 170 different countries.

Why make investments in the Czech Republic?

The Czech authorities have implemented the CzechInvest programme based on a few important principles like improving the support coordination for small and medium companies, outlining the use of research and development and providing the ideal business climate for international entrepreneurs. Manufacturing, real estate, tourism, finances, transportation and retail are only a few of the sectors in which foreign investors decide to do business. Here are some facts about the investments and business climate in Czech Republic:
  1. EUR 2,850,000 represents the amount of investments for obtaining the Czech visa and citizenship.
  2. USD 9.8 billion represent the FDI inflow in the Czech Republic in 2018.
  3. Czech Republic ranks 35th out of 190 states in the World Bank’s report for Doing Business in 2019.
  4. The Czech Republic signed 91 double taxation treaties with countries worldwide for the avoidance of double taxation.
We invite you to contact our Czech law firm and find out more about the Czech citizenship by investment.