Company Due Diligence in Czech Republic

Company Due Diligence in Czech Republic

Updated on Monday 05th September 2016

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Foreign investors who intend to acquire a company in the country should hire specialists to effectuate company due diligence in the Czech Republic, in order to make sure that the business which is about to be bought respects the legal aspects defined by the local legislation.
Due diligence is a research agreed previously by the buyer and the business seller which is connected to the tax, accounting, technical, economic and other aspects of the business which is going to be bought, and it can be effectuated by different professionals. In case you are interested in acquiring a company, our lawyers in the Czech Republic can assist you with the proper company due diligence services.

Company due diligence services in the Czech Republic

Foreign entrepreneurs who want to buy a company in the Czech Republic can encounter certain risks when doing so. In order to avoid them, they can have a professional to undertake the company due diligence on their behalf. Some of the company due diligence services that we offer in the Czeck Republic include:
Due diligence on the business outstanding liabilities, such as salaries, taxes, rent, or other types of liabilities;
Verifying if the business has paid its account obligations in the Czech Republic, such as monthly accounts or balance sheets;
Research on whether the business was correctly set up and whether there are any changes to be made in its structure;

Due diligence process in the Czech Republic

The professional hired to effectuate the company due diligence in the Czech Republic analyses the documentation accessible in the data room. This is a virtual online storage facility where all the confidential documents of the company which is about to be bought are deposited. Because the information connected to transaction of the company are confidential, communication generally is effectuated inside a limited group of individuals. Thus, the due diligence professional asks questions to only a designated contact person. The buyer is updated on the developments of the company due diligence in the Czech Republic at regular intervals, allowing the buyer to be able to get involved in the research and, if needed, to have certain aspects analyzed more deeply. 
Please do not hesitate to contact our law firm in the Czech Republic if you need company due diligence in this country.