Czech Republic - China Trade Exchange Has Grown by 60% in the Last Five Years


The long-term business relationships between Czech Republic and China and the mutual diplomatic collaborations between the two countries have been recently highlighted at a business forum this year. The conclusion was that after 70 years of business and friendship, China became the third largest trading partner of Czech Republic which continues to be even more interested in the country’s important investment fields. If you are a foreign investor looking to start a business in Czech Republic, we invite you to get in touch with our Czech lawyers specialized in company formation to find out more about how we can help from a legal point of view.

Top Foreign Entrepreneurs in Czech Republic


The dynamic and competitive investment field can lead investors to the Czech Republic, a very much appreciated and appealing destination for the past decades. Taking advantage of new growth business openings may start in the Czech Republic, and among the foreigners who already enjoy the proper business climate are the ones from Ukraine, Slovakia, and Vietnam but not limited to these countries. Your company in Czech Republic might need complete legal support in order to align with the applicable legislation. Our Czech lawyers are at your disposal in this direction and can serve both local and foreign investors.

Czech Republic, the Country with the Lowest Unemployment Rate in Europe


The attraction for business in the Czech Republic is based on varied purposes, among which, the status of the economic powerhouse in Europe, alongside with many other important and solid financial centers. The business climate, the education, plus the openness for foreign investments make the Czech Republic a solid candidate for small, medium and large companies from abroad interested in expanding their operation in this part of Europe. If you would like to know the requirements for starting a business in the Czech Republic, we invite you to talk to one of our lawyers in Czech Republic for legal advice.

Standard & Poor's Confirmed AA Credit Rating for Czech Republic


The positive economic direction of the Czech Republic and the forecast for the years to come have made Standard & Poor’s, one of the most prestigious international rating agencies, settle the AA rating for this country. Having this solid fact in the attention, the Czech Republic is considered as the country with the highest growth rate obtained among the states in the European Union. This important rating can stand at the base of deciding for investments as a foreign entrepreneur. We invite you to get in touch with our Czech lawyers for legal support at the time of business formation in this country.

High Tech Investments to Develop in the Czech Republic


The Czech Republic already gained the status of a solid and ideal investment destination, as there are numerous entrepreneurs who generate significant profits in this country. For many years, the positive direction of the investments in the tech field has been observed by the authorities who continue to support this strong sector with varied encouragements. Having a business in the IT sector in the Czech Republic can be an excellent option for both local or foreign entrepreneurs. Our Czech lawyers are at your disposal with legal assistance in matters of legislation.

Types of Investment Incentives in Czech Republic


The Czech Republic offers numerous investment incentives for foreigners willing to enter this market and to generate profits in varied sectors. The manufacturing sector is a prolific field in Czech Republic, foreign entrepreneurs taking advantage from the support offered in the tech and services matters. If you would like to open a business in Czech Republic, we invite you to solicit legal support from our Czech lawyers.

The Czech Republic and Japan to Collaborate in the Tech Field


Czech tech companies are much appreciated on an international scale and the export of technological products is a thriving sector which continues to gain strength. These attributes have been recently observed when Japanese companies placed several offers to collaborate with the Czech Republic. Numerous investors from abroad decide for business in Czech Republic, and to ease the path of company incorporation and business management, our Czech lawyers can offer the needed support in this sense.

Czech Textile and Clothing Companies Hit a New Record in 2017


More than EUR 2 million (CZK 55.3 billion) have been registered in 2017 in the clothing and textile industry in the Czech Republic. This is the most noticeable growth and a record for the past 12 years in this country. The fast-growing economy stands at the base of such numbers in the textile industry, and entrepreneurs should direct the attention on creating companies and making investments in this important sector. As for the legal aspects involved, you can talk to our Czech lawyers at any time.

The Main Economy Sectors That Use E-Commerce in Czech Republic

The e-commerce secctor in the Czech Republic has seen a rapid growth in recent years because placing all the operations on the internet proved extremely successful and an excellent income source for both young or experienced entrepreneurs. Having an idea about the e-commerce sector, the rules involved and the trends on the market can direct the foreign investors to the proper business forms and the performant industries. The legal aspects related to the business registration in the Czech Republic can be entirely explained by our Czech lawyers, on request.

Which Are the Main Sectors to Invest in Czech Republic?


The export-oriented market in the Czech Republic is characterized by the innovation sector and the related sectors. This sustains in a high level the economy of this country and makes the Czech Republic a solid candidate for foreign investments. The legal aspects when opening a company in Czech Republic can be completely explained by our Czech lawyers.

The Features of the Czech Workforce


Among the reasons why foreigners decide to set up their ventures in the Czech Republic, we mention the labor force and its attributes. The workforce in Czech Republic is seen as educated and highly skilled which makes it extremely important when deciding on local skills. If you are a business person from abroad and you need to understand the Employment Law and related legal aspects before opening your company in this country, we suggest you ask our Czech lawyers for information and assistance.

The Importance of Innovation in the Research and Development Field


The Czech market is competitive in any plan and the difference is made in many cases by the approach of the business and the innovation involved. Changing the management procedures and adopting innovative solutions will in most situations lead to success in a company. The research and development activities in Czech’s tech sector observes the direction of foreign investors who are interested in setting businesses and generate money in a fast manner. As for the legal aspects involved, we suggest you get in touch with our lawyers in Czech Republic.

The Business Opportunities in the E-Commerce Sector in Czech Republic


In figures, the e-commerce sector in the Czech Republic looks promising, as a significant part of the population, 6.3 million from a total of around 10.3 million, represents a large portion of online shoppers.  Electronics, households, and clothing are among preferred items of a Czech shopper who makes purchases on the internet. Considering the positive trend, the e-commerce businesses are starting to gain confidence in the market, in both local and international plan. Entrepreneurs who are interested in opening a shop online are suggested to ask for legal support from our Czech lawyers I matters of legislation.

Czech Republic and China to Develop the Businesses in Certain Fields


The economic relations between the Czech Republic and China encountered a major change in 2014 when the relations have been reorganized. At a recent convention, the two states have agreed on a significant plan which involves the tourism, the aviation sector, and the trading activities. With a wide-ranging of policies and measures to sustain the foreign investments, Czech Republic welcomes investors who want to enlarge their activities in this country. Our Czech lawyers can offer legal support in matters of company registration among many others.

Organic Farming To be Sustained in the Czech Republic in 2018


The demand for healthy food has made entrepreneurs rethink the business plans. This is also the case of the Czech Republic because the authorities decided to encourage the organic farming and the business persons who want to make investments in this fields. For a proper comprehension of how your company can be registered and the legislation related to the Czech Republic, we suggest you talk to one of your Czech lawyers.

Main Advantages of the Czech Investment Environment


The Czech Republic has always promoted the equality and the impartiality related to foreign investments, whether direct or indirect. The business environment based on security, reliability, and transparency was created with the help of varied measured and important bilateral agreements with countries worldwide, considering the legislation as established for the states which are part of the European Union. In regards to the legislation for foreign investments, our lawyers in Czech Republic can help business persons register their companies by providing legal support.

Record Growth for Czech Manufacturing Sector in the Last Six Years


Improvements in the manufacturing sector in the Czech Republic have been recorded recently, with confidence reflections offered by the PMI (Purchasing Managers’ Index) in the country. The new data reveals the fact that the registered growth is the most important one in the last six years. Considering the latest statistics and trusting the economic stability, foreign entrepreneurs can expand their businesses in the Czech Republic in the manufacturing sector. Information about the legislation related to foreign investments can be obtained from our lawyers in the Czech Republic.

New Gaming Law in the Czech Republic


Foreign investors who want to access the Czech economy can now obtain a license in the gambling sector, due to a change in the legislation. The new gaming law in the Czech Republic has been adopted by the local government and it fully regulates online and land based gambling in all forms, including lottery, spots betting, bingo and slot machines or casino related activities. Extensive information about the provisions of this law can be provided to you by our lawyers in Czech Republic.

Obtaining a Trade License in the Czech Republic


Obtaining a trade license in the Czech Republic is a necessary step in order to run your business within the territory of the Czech Republic. A trade license is a document issued by the Trade License Authority and contains relevant information about your Czech business.

Record Trade Level Between Czech Republic and UK in 2016


The business relations between Czech Republic and the United Kingdom (UK) have intensified in the last years. For example, the number of projects between the two countries has increased by six times compared to three years ago, on industries such as trade, agriculture or research. Investors interested in opening a company in Czech Republic can have numerous business prospects in the field of trade and our team of Czech lawyers can offer more details on how to invest in this industry. 

New Legislation on Czech Bank Accounts


Czech Republic applies a new legislation on the bank accounts. Foreign businessmen who want to open a company in the Czech Republic are required to set up a corporate bank account for their business and the requirements may vary depending on the bank with which they are collaborating. However, both legal entities and natural persons must also respect the banking legislation available here, on which our team of Czech lawyers can provide legal advice. 

CzechInvest: Companies Will Perform Investments of CZK 64 Billion


Foreign investors who want to open a company in Czech Republic can have very good business prospects in this country. Czech Republic offers a stable and attractive economy, but also numerous investment incentives, provided by several state institutions amongst we mention CzechInvest, one of the main agencies offering relevant investment funding to both local and foreign businessmen. Based on the value of the investments carried out in 2016, CzechInvest will provide funds of CZK 64 billion and our team of Czech lawyers can offer more details on the legal requirements that have to be met in this case. 

Governmental Interest for Developing the Czech Family Firms


Czech family firms, usually incorporated as limited liability companies or sole proprietorships, can benefit from the interest the local government has in such businesses. An important aspect related to the family companies developed in Czech Republic refers to the fact that their presence started to have positive effects on the local market and, thus, the representatives of the country are searching for methods to make such businesses more competitive. Our team of lawyers in Czech Republic can offer more details on the registration of a company here. 

Historic Low Value for Interest Rates for Mortgages in Czech Republic


The natural persons or legal entities interested in purchasing a property in Czech Republic have better conditions when applying for a loan issued by a local bank. The mortgage market in Czech Republic reached a new record at the level of November 2016, when the interest rate applicable to mortgages was established at 1.77%. An important aspect related to this market is that the foreigners can get a mortgage in a faster manner, as they are no longer required to first set up a company here, prior to purchasing a property. Our team of Czech lawyers can offer legal assistance to foreigners who are interested in the lending conditions applicable in this country. 

Attracting EU funds in Czech Republic


The Czech authorities have attracted European funds with a value of 700 billion crowns in the period between 2007 and 2013. However, the local authorities are aware of the fact that the country can attract even more funding provided by the European Union (EU) and, in this sense, they are trying to implement new strategies for the regional funding programs. Our team of Czech lawyers can provide foreign investors with more details related to legislation applicable for EU funding programs.