Arbitration Court in the Czech Republic

Arbitration Court in the Czech Republic

Updated on Monday 05th September 2016

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International arbitration in the Czech Republic is ruled by the Act on Arbitration Proceedings and Enforcement of Arbitration Awards (APA), which is based on the same main principles as the UNCITRAL (the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law) legislation. The majority of commercial disputes, except for those connected to bankruptcy and enforcement proceedings, can be dealt through arbitration.
The Arbitration Court in the Czech Republic is the principal arbitration institution in this country and it handles international disputes, being part of the Economic and Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic. The Court has implemented regulations for international arbitration. If you are involved in an international dispute, it is advisable to consult an attorneys in the Czech Republic for legal advice.

Services of the Arbitration Court in the Czech Republic

The Arbitration Court in the Czech Republic has the authority to deal with different domain name disputes. Starting with 2004, it has issued decisions on .cz disputes and in 2005 it is turned out to be an exclusive provider to handle alternative dispute resolutions for .eu domain names. Since 2009, it also emitted decisions regarding generic top-level domain names (.com, .net, .org, .info and so on). Domain name disputes are handled online by using a distinct online platform.
The Court also has the authority to deal with the following types of commercial disputes:
international disputes;
consumer disputes;
local disputes.
Our law firm in the Czech Republic  can offer more details on the type of services the Arbitration Court in this country provides. 

Rules of the Arbitration Court in the Czech Republic

Proceedings at the Arbitration Court in the Czech Republic take place according to its regulations of procedure except the cases when the agreement parties consent differently. The Court has different regulations for local and international disputes. 
According to section 31(3) of the Rules of Procedure for International Disputes (the International Regulations), the arbitral tribunal makes decisions on the modality in which witness examination will be effectuated or expert proof will be delivered. The proceedings are undertaken in Czech language, unless agreed differently by the parties.
Our lawyers in the Czech Republic can provide assistance for any type of arbitration in this country. If you are faced with a dispute dealt by the Arbitration Court in the Czech Republic, please contact us for legal advice.


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