A Short Guide on Czech Courts

A Short Guide on Czech Courts

Updated on Monday 04th April 2016

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A-Short-Guide-on-Czech-Courts.jpgNatural persons or legal entities in Czech Republic should know that if they are involved in any type of legal situation, they can address to one of the Czech courts, which are established to serve to very specific purposes. In Czech Republic, civil and criminal courts are structured following the same judicial framework. General jurisdiction courts (civil and criminal courts) work under the provisions of the Judges Act 2002. Persons who are interested in the courts system available in Czech Republic can request for assistance from our team of attorneys, who can offer legal assistance for a wide range of cases. 


Czech courts system 

The Czech courts system is comprised of a 4 tier structure, organized in accordance with the powers attributed to the courts and judges representing them. 
As such, the main courts in Czech Republic are structured as follows: 
the 4th tier is comprised of the most representative courts in the country, which are The Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court. The Supreme Court is further sub-categorized in a criminal division, civil division and commercial division. 
the 3rd tier is represented by the High Court; there are two high courts in Czech Republic, one situated in Prague and the other one in Olomouc. The courts have jurisdiction in criminal and civil cases and in second instance proceedings;
the 2nd tier refers to the regional courts, which are situated in eight main regions of the country; they have jurisdiction over second instance proceedings and in civil or criminal cases referring to first instance proceedings;
the 1st tier is comprised of 86 district courts; a District Court in Czech Republic provides resolutions for first instance proceedings in civil and criminal matters. 
The judicial system also contains the Constitutional Court of Czech Republic, but it is considered a separate entity than the general courts system applicable here; our team of Czech attorneys can provide you with more details on the attributions of the courts. 

Legal framework in Czech Republic 

The Czech courts establish their resolutions in accordance with the legislation provided by several legal acts, such as the Civil Code (prescribing the actions, rights and obligations applicable to the private law section), the Commercial Code (regulating commercial activities and legal entities) and the Criminal Code (defining the actions considered to be criminal offences). 
If you need further information on the Czech courts system, please contact our law firm in Czech Republic for assistance on this matter. 


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