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Purchase a Company in Czech Republic

Purchase a Company in Czech Republic

Updated on Wednesday 09th March 2016

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Purchase-a-Company-in-Czech-Republic.jpgCzech Republic offers a set of advantages to foreign investors who are interested in expanding their business activities here. Persons interested in opening a company in Czech Republic can perform this action through two main options: one refers to the incorporation of a new Czech company, while the other refers to the purchase of an existing business
According to the business interests the investors has, they can start a business here by choosing one of these legal possibilities. Investors who want to establish their business operations in Czech Republic as soon as possible are advised to purchase a company, a process for which our Czech lawyers can provide legal assistance. 

Czech ready-made company 

A company that can be purchased is named a “ready-made” company or a shelf company. The main advantage of buying a ready-made business is that the company has already been incorporated and it can start its operations in 24 hours after the purchase. 
According to the Czech legislation, ready-made companies are businesses which have never carried out operations and which did not receive a tax number. 
Foreign investors interested in buying a shelf company should know that only the limited liability companies are available for this type of sale. 
Entrepreneurs who want to purchase a shelf company should know that the process is rather simple: the only procedure that has to be completed is the transfer of ownership, a legal action that is supervised by a Czech notary; our Czech lawyers can provide you with further details on this topic. 


Advantages of a Czech shelf company 

A shelf company in Czech Republic offers limited liability to the shareholders; an important aspect is that the company must have only one director, who is not required to be a Czech citizen
Also, the investors can be sure of the fact that the company does not have any liabilities, since from the incorporation the business remained dormant. 
Shelf companies are already registered at the Czech Commercial Register, but they are not registered for Value Added Tax (VAT); our lawyers can offer assistance for this process. 
If you need further information on the purchase of a company in Czech Republic, please contact our team of Czech lawyers for more details.  


  • Martin 2016-03-09

    I think it is much easier to purchase a company that has already been incorporated because most of the registration steps are completed.

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