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Open an Amazon Store in Czech Republic

Open an Amazon Store in Czech Republic

Updated on Monday 13th November 2017

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Open-an-Amazon-Store-in-Czech-Republic.jpgThe Czech Republic is a market full of business opportunities for entrepreneurs worldwide. The e-commerce makes no exception in the business field, as numerous companies choose to sell their goods and services on the internet. In addition to the existing website, a business person can expand his/her activities on an international plan by setting up an Amazon store in the Czech Republic. Even though in many cases there is no need for a particular introduction, we mention that Amazon is the largest online shop, with a great success around the world, if we mention that at this moment there are around 300 million account owners and counting. The net sale registered in 2016 was of about $316 billion. If you want to set up an Amazon store in the Czech Republic, please consider that first, you must register a limited liability company through which you may sell products on the internet. In compliance with the legislation in the country, our Czech lawyers can offer legal support in company registration.

Conditions to open an Amazon store in Czech Republic 

An Amazon store can be a suitable option for business persons to start their activities and generate money in their area of interests. Legally, a person can place his/her products on Amazon for sale purposes once a company in Czech Republic has been registered. As a suggestion, a limited liability company can be easily set up as soon as a unique name has been chosen, and the minimum share capital of about EUR 8,000 (Czech Koruna 200,000) has been deposited in a bank account in the Czech Republic. LLCs are the preferred form of business in the country, due to less bureaucracy, easy steps of incorporation and varied benefits. Please keep in mind that for selling particular types of goods on your Amazon store, you might have to apply for special permits and licenses with the authorities in Czech Republic.

Payment methods for your Amazon store in Czech Republic

Any business with activities in online retail must provide customers with varied payment methods. Two of the most important solutions recommended for your Amazon store are:
•    PayPal;
•    a merchant account.
PayPal is a well-known online payment method through which clients can link their bank accounts in different currencies in order to pay online for different goods or services and also receive money. As for the merchant account, this is also an appreciated and used online payment method implemented by all shop registered on the internet. This method offers the buyer the possibility of payment for the chosen products with the help of a debit or credit card. In addition to the information above, we remind that our Czech attorneys can provide support in legal matters.

The benefits of opening an Amazon store in the Czech Republic

From a taxation point of view, the Czech Republic offers varied benefits among which we remind the reduced VAT for basic products and a corporate income tax of 5% for investments in the country. Opening an Amazon store in the Czech Republic may represent the proper business choice for both companies registered in the country and willing to expand their portfolios, and for entrepreneurs who want to establish their presence via the internet platforms, in our case, on Amazon.
If you want to open an Amazon store in Czech Republic, we suggest you contact our law firm in the Czech Republic.


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