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Record Growth for Czech Manufacturing Sector in the Last Six Years

Record-growth-for-Czech-manufacturing-sector-in-the-last-six-years.jpgImprovements in the manufacturing sector in the Czech Republic have been recorded recently, with confidence reflections offered by the PMI (Purchasing Managers’ Index) in the country. The new data reveals the fact that the registered growth is the most important one in the last six years. Considering the latest statistics and trusting the economic stability, foreign entrepreneurs can expand their businesses in the Czech Republic in the manufacturing sector. Information about the legislation related to foreign investments can be obtained from our lawyers in the Czech Republic.

An amplified level of production in Czech Republic this year 

The manufacturing sector in Czech Republic represents one of the main engines of the economy in the country. The proper reforms and incentives offered by the government in this area, have proven successful if we consider the PMI numbers registered in the manufacturing field for September and October 2017: 56.6 respectively 58.5. This overall improvement revealed the fact that this is the most important growth in the manufacturing sector since 2011 when the last records were established. The fastest rate of progress registered by manufacturers in the country for the mentioned months above has been accomplished due to a higher rate of production and export activities. The manufacturing sector in Czech Republic offers numerous opportunities and advantages which can be explored by foreign business persons. In matters of legislation when opening a company in Czech Republic, you can ask our Czech attorneys for legal support.

Performances expected for the end of the year 

The experts in economy consider that the same positive trend will continue and will close this year, as the foreign demand stands at the base of the expectations in the manufacturing sector in the Czech Republic. The industry accelerated starting in September as there have been numerous requests registered on a national and international plan. In addition to the good news on the overall economy in Czech Republic, specialists say that this positive trend will attract investments and will motivate the business environment in the country.
If you plan to make investments in the Czech Republic, we invite you to solicit legal advice from out Czech law firm by contacting us.