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Obtaining a Trade License in the Czech Republic

Obtaining a Trade License in the Czech Republic

Obtaining a trade license in the Czech Republic is a necessary step in order to run your business within the territory of the Czech Republic. A trade license is a document issued by the Trade License authority and contains relevant information about your Czech business:

•  personal data: your name, date of birth, place of residence, nationality;
•    trade license number (this is unique for each person/company);
•    validity;
•    list of trades you are allowed to do business in;
•    the stamp of the issuing authority.

Our lawyers in Czech Republic can give you extensive details about the trade license and the procedures to undergo for acquiring one.


What is a trade license in Czech Republic?

If you want to invest in Czech Republic and start a company, you will need a trade license for almost any business sector you decide to enter. There are specific conditions which have to be met in order to obtain a trade license in Czech Republic. The most simple requirements for granting a trade license include being 18 years old and holding no criminal record on the territory of the Czech Republic. These minimum conditions are necessary when applying for a trade license for 80 basic, unqualified trades. Among these, we mention:

•    wholesale;
•    publishing;
•    extra-curricular education;
•    accommodation services.

The professional or craft trades, such as opticians, locksmiths, driving instructors, health inspectors in the restaurant industry, require more specialized conditions for obtaining a trade license. Beside the basic information regarding your age and criminal record, proof of your education and work experience is needed when applying for a trade license. Our attorneys in Czech Republic can offer you professional advice in the process of obtaining a trade license.

Trade license application in Czech Republic

If you want to start a business in the Czech Republic and intend to apply for a trade license, it is highly recommendable to turn to the professional services of a Czech law firm since the entire process is done in the Czech language. The first thing to consider when applying for a trade license in Czech Republic is the trade you want to include in your license. There are 80 unqualified trades, 17 craft trades and 32 professional trades. Then you have to address the trade license office at the city hall where your business resides. The following documents are needed when applying for a trade license in Czech Republic:

•    the application form;
•    ID documents;
•    proof of business address;
•    the list of the chosen trades;
•    the proof you have paid the administrative fee of 1,000 CZK with the Trade License Authority;
•    criminal background attesting you have never been convicted on the territory of the Czech Republic.

Please note that all documents which are not in Czech language must be officially translated and legalized and not be older than 90 days. The trade license process usually lasts three to five working days to complete. If you need assistance in obtaining a trade license in any trade field, feel free to contact our Czech lawyers.


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