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New Gaming Law in the Czech Republic

New Gaming Law in the Czech RepublicForeign investors who want to access the Czech economy can now obtain a license in the gambling sector, due to a change in the legislation. The new gaming law in the Czech Republic has been adopted by the local government and it fully regulates online and land based gambling in all forms, including lottery, spots betting, bingo and slot machines or casino related activities. Extensive information about the provisions of this law can be provided to you by our lawyers in Czech Republic.


Provisions of the new gaming legislation

The local authorities in the Czech Republic have amended the Gambling Act, dating from 1990, in order to attract foreign investors into the gaming industry. The most important aspect of this new regulation is the ability of foreign based companies, operating in another EU or EEA country, to obtain a gambling license in the Czech Republic.

This license has a maximum validity of six years and the applicant has to provide a surety for each gambling type and online game type. The surety can be either deposited into a special account of the Ministry of Finance (the gaming industry regulator) or issued as a bank guarantee and later accepted by the Ministry of Finances. The size of the surety has to range between 5 million CZK (approximately 185,000 EUR) and 50 million CZK (approximately 1,850,000 EUR).

The new gaming legislation in Czech Republic also stipulates that the Ministry of Finances will create and manage a list of web pages containing unauthorized online games. Responsible gaming practices are introduced by this legislation which requires operators to offer and enable certain self-restricting measures to their customers. Taxation aspects related to gambling activities are also stipulated within this new legal framework. An in-depth presentation of the legal provisions of the amended gaming law can be given to you by our law firm in Czech Republic.

Gaming categories included in the regulation

The new gaming law in the Czech Republic provides a detailed definition of gambling and the exhaustive list of gaming categories. Foreign investors who want to enter the gambling sector can start a company in the following gambling categories:

•    bingo;
•    lottery;
•    odds betting, including live odds betting;
•    technical games;
•    tombolas;
•    live games;
•    small-size tournaments.

All these gambling categories can be land-based or online managed. Certain provisions of the new gaming law in the Czech Republic are specific to the virtual nature of internet games, while various means of gambling are generally regulated in the same way. Please contact our attorneys in Czech Republic for more details regarding the gambling rules and regulations.



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