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Main Advantages of the Czech Investment Environment

Main-Advantages-of-the-Czech-Investment-Invironment.jpgThe Czech Republic has always promoted the equality and the impartiality related to foreign investments, whether direct or indirect. The business environment based on security, reliability, and transparency was created with the help of varied measured and important bilateral agreements with countries worldwide, considering the legislation as established for the states which are part of the European Union. In regards to the legislation for foreign investments, our lawyers in Czech Republic can help business persons register their companies by providing legal support.

How the investment environment is sustained in the Czech Republic

Both local and foreign investors in Czech Republic can benefit from the same treatments, the government encouraging the non-discriminatory business environment as much as possible. The European legislation regarding the foreign investments is also respected in the Czech Republic, and investors from abroad can enjoy a healthy business field which comes with varied aspects:
•    support and protection for special types of investments;
•    a favorable income tax credit;
•    the transfer of equipment at low prices;
•    full security against restriction of the ownership.
We remind that in the Czech Republic, foreigners can make direct or indirect investments, or in other words, through their own companies or placing investments in the country’s main industries or corporations. If you are interested in making investments or starting a business, we suggest you address to our attorneys in Czech Republic.

The EU legislation for FDI in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic entered the European Union in 2004 and since then, the FDIs in the country have been absorbed in a fast manner. This is because the EU legislation regarding the foreign direct investments became applicable immediately, making the business environment even more attractive and accessible. Aligning with the EU’s rules and regulations was mandatory for Czech Republic and the following actions connected to the investment field. The procedures for the official documents have been simplified, and the rules for debt recovery and bankruptcy have been re-evaluated and associated with the EU regulatory.
Additionally, foreign investors in Czech Republic can easily communicate with the courts and can apply for all types of documents without having to worry about the language barrier.
Persons interested in making investments in Czech Republic can benefit from complete legal advice from our law firm in Czech Republic, so please feel free to contact our team.