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CzechInvest: Companies Will Perform Investments of CZK 64 Billion

CzechInvest-Companies-Will-Perform-Investments-of-CZK-64-Billion.jpgForeign investors who want to open a company in Czech Republic can have very good business prospects in this country. Czech Republic offers a stable and attractive economy, but also numerous investment incentives, provided by several state institutions amongst we mention CzechInvest, one of the main agencies offering relevant investment funding to both local and foreign businessmen. Based on the value of the investments carried out in 2016, CzechInvest will provide funds of CZK 64 billion and our team of Czech lawyers can offer more details on the legal requirements that have to be met in this case. 


Investments in Czech Republic  

Business operations in Czech Republic are sustained through various investment programs. A positive aspect related to the Czech market refers to the fact that, in 2016, the total value of investments topped the investments in 2015 by CZK 20 billion. 
Those who want to set up a company in Czech Republic must know that 84 out of 100 investments were designed for companies that are already operational on the local market, while the rest aimed at newly formed projects
Another relevant aspect that should concern businessmen is that 25% of the investments aim at the increase of the value of companies operating in the high-tech industry and our team of lawyers in Czech Republic may offer further information on this aspect. 
It is also important to know that the Czech authorities are interested in providing various incentives to businesses set up here, as 80% of the investments are taking into consideration this matter. 
Such incentives are related to the growth of the salaries of the Czech workforce, but also to the development of the local standard of living. 

Foreign investments in Czech Republic  

The foreign direct investment (FDI) component represents a vital aspect for all economies operating in a free market system. Czech Republic is strongly represented in this sense by foreign investors from Germany, who are involved with the local authorities in 20 projects. 
The other top foreign businessmen operating in Czech Republic are from the following countries: 
United States of America;
Businessmen are invited to contact our law firm in Czech Republic for legal advice on the investment legislation applicable here. 


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