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March' 2017 | Archive | Blog

New Legislation on Czech Bank Accounts


Czech Republic applies a new legislation on the bank accounts. Foreign businessmen who want to open a company in the Czech Republic are required to set up a corporate bank account for their business and the requirements may vary depending on the bank with which they are collaborating. However, both legal entities and natural persons must also respect the banking legislation available here, on which our team of Czech lawyers can provide legal advice. 

CzechInvest: Companies Will Perform Investments of CZK 64 Billion


Foreign investors who want to open a company in Czech Republic can have very good business prospects in this country. Czech Republic offers a stable and attractive economy, but also numerous investment incentives, provided by several state institutions amongst we mention CzechInvest, one of the main agencies offering relevant investment funding to both local and foreign businessmen. Based on the value of the investments carried out in 2016, CzechInvest will provide funds of CZK 64 billion and our team of Czech lawyers can offer more details on the legal requirements that have to be met in this case.